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Put through their paces

Few construction materials are as sturdy and durable as concrete.

After their installation, concrete components must last a lifetime. To ensure their load-bearing capacity, girders or floor elements are tested before use in special laboratories. To ensure that the test results are representative, the testers need equipment capable of withstanding heavy stresses on a permanent basis to face up to the challenge posed by the tough material. That's why test labs put their trust in cylinders from LUKAS.

Test passed

The test labs conduct long-term tests of the durability of structural components using LUKAS cylinders. Test periods often extend over several months, and it is not unusual for parts to be tested beyond their endurance limits. That also means that the LUKAS tools are constantly subjected to prolonged and demanding tests. No problem for these cylinders, which can withstand the highest stresses without difficulty.


Testing at all levels

In the labs, the tests usually involve using the cylinders to simulate above-average loads being applied to the components, allowing further refinement of the material's density and composition.

But LUKAS equipment is also used on-site for bridge renovation, where the powerful hollow-piston cylinders delivered convincing performance while testing whether tension anchors were firmly seated. 



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