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More Safety

At LUKAS our goal is not only more and more force and more and more performance - but also more and more safety. For workers, for products - and for you. So our engineers have carefully examined all safety aspects and found intelligent solutions:

Quick stop system

On all cylinders in the 500-bar series, you can attach special hoses with a quick stop system that prevents uncontrolled lowering of the load. That sounds perfectly normal - but on the market it isn't.

Quick couplers

When things need to go fast, safety often comes up short. But not with us! That's why our 500-bar series has a unique quick coupler that makes it easy for you to attach the hoses. For the 700-bar series, the quick coupler can usually be retrofitted.

High lateral load tolerance

For increased stability when lifting heavy loads, the LUKAS cylinders are equipped with especially wide guide rings. Special care should be taken to ensure their proper use for optimum safety.

Certified quality (ISO 9001)

LUKAS tools are expected to provide strong, loyal and reliable service. Therefore we continually examine our products and processes with quality management certified according to ISO 9001 to ensure that every LUKAS is produced with the consistently high quality needed for lasting and safe operation.


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