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Hydraulic tools and industrial cutters from LUKAS are valuable helpers in many sectors. Whenever heavy loads need to be moved, that is when LUKAS comes into its own.


LUKAS cylinders find a wide variety of applications in working with machinery, including robots, (straightening) presses and other machines - or any time heavy loads need to be lifted, straightened or positioned.

Steel industry

Over and over, LUKAS products have proven themselves to be valuable helpers in steel working, for example, lifting rolled parts, adjusting roller separations or trimming edges. Reliable LUKAS cylinders are also well suited for precision pressing and stamping.


Lifting a bridge to replace its expansion bearings is no problem for your strong helpers from LUKAS. And neither is providing the needed stability for construction of buildings and tunnels, or testing ground permeability.

Energy generation

LUKAS cylinders are also used in construction and maintenance of power stations, for example to provide support when adjusting turbines - wind turbines, too.

Dockyards and shipbuilding

Here our cylinders literally provide valuable support for applications such as correctly positioning parts for welding.


Whether above or below ground, LUKAS cylinders are used for a wide range of tasks in natural resource extraction.

Quarrying and stone-crushing

Our high-performance cylinders are in great demand when heavy materials need moving or large machines need repairing.


The industrial cutters are the first choice for demolition work or recycling facilities as they have many advantages over cutting torches or angle grinders - for example, no sparks or significantly lower noise levels.


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