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LUKAS cylinders bring tension to Turkish coal mining

LUKAS cylinders bring tension to Turkish coal mining

At Thyssen Krupp's surface mining project in Elbistan, Turkey, 7600 m³ of coal are mined every hour. Powerful 50 t cylinders from LUKAS are used at the site to maintain tension in conveyor belts and treads, working reliably even at high temperatures and in harsh conditions.

Heavy-duty job

During mining, the coal is conveyed from the excavator to the crusher, from which the waste is then transported to a huge spreader on conveyors with a belt width of 1800 mm. The spreader weighs 1300 t and its boom is 60 m long and up to 22 m high. It is used to return the waste to the mining area.


Rugged LUKAS cylinders keep everything in place

With a lifting force of 50 t, the cylinders from LUKAS ensure that the conveyors and carriage treads stay in position permanently without sagging. In addition, the rugged powerhouses with lifting forces of 350 to 500 t are used for secure lifting of the carriage during repairs. Even extreme temperatures are unable to keep the cylinders from doing their job. From hot and humid to extremely cold environments to -45°C, the compact cylinders master all challenges without showing any weakness.


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