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Making progress with LUKAS

In Leipzig, construction began in 2003 on a railway tunnel for commuter trains. After the complex construction project is completed in 2013, the tunnel will connect the main station with the Bayrischer Bahnhof (Bavarian station) 2 kilometres away. For the complicated excavation, the engineers had to bring in heavy artillery, including high-tonnage cylinders from LUKAS to help with the breakthrough.

Working under pressure

For the Leipzig City Tunnel, two tubes for two tracks each had to be bored. Conditions for the bores were especially difficult at the end of the tunnel. At the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz station, a sealing plug with filler and cover had to be positioned at the exit. To permit safe and precise boring, the sealing plug needed to be pushed against the tunnel with a specified pressure across the entire contact surface.


LUKAS cylinders hold their ground

LUKAS high-tonnage cylinders performed the task reliably. An additional steel framework was brought into position to serve as a thrust block for the round steel container at the tunnel exit. With the aid of the constant resistance it provided, the bore was completed successfully. 

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