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Practical solution for rail cranes

To make rail cranes capable of moving multi-ton loads, a counterweight compensates for the load being lifted by the crane's jib. For a colossus such as the KIROW KRC 810 rail crane, occasionally the counterweight must be transported separately from the crane. LUKAS contributed strong hydraulic components to ensure precise on-site assembly.

Hydraulic cylinders from LUKAS solve the problem

In some cases, the 40-ton counterweight can be transported separately from the rail crane if their combined weight would exceed the permissible rail load. At the worksite, the counterweight can then be precisely moved into the optimum position for transfer to the rail crane. 


In close consultation with the manufacturer, LUKAS developed the hydraulics for the vertically adjustable platform on which the counterweight rests while being transported by rail.  


For offloading, the support structure that bears the weight during transport is lifted by four HZ K 100/70 hydraulic cylinders from LUKAS and the transport wagon is removed. Then the platform is adjusted exactly to the correct height so that the rail crane's counterjib can easily take over the load.

Strength in custom solutions

LUKAS also demonstrates its strength and problem-solving ability in other projects. Customers worldwide benefit from direct contacts with relevant expertise who can quickly and efficiently offer custom solutions. 


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