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Renovation with compact cylinders from LUKAS

Buildings are supposed to be safe and enduring. But when time has left its mark on a building's fabric, measures must be taken to restore safety for residents and visitors.

Building inspectors found fault with the roof of a school building near Wittenberg, Germany. Its stability was endangered due to decaying beams. A difficult problem that was solved using LUKAS compact cylinders.

Lifting with care

The decayed wooden beams were to be replaced by strong steel girders to restore the roof's stability, so first the roof had to be raised evenly and precisely. A challenge since, although the construction was fixed, it could not be moved with the same force at every point because of its many individual elements.

Eight LUKAS 10-ton compact cylinders (type LLCS) were strategically positioned to carefully lift the school's roof.


Controlled replacement

The resulting free space allowed for removal of the defective wooden beams and their replacement with a new support structure of steel girders.

The remainder of the roof was then precisely lowered onto the sturdy steel construction and bolted down securely.

Every movement of the roof was carefully controlled by the compact cylinders with 40 mm lifting height. The retraction and extension speed of each cylinder could be optimally controlled with two 4-way distributor valves, or the oil flow to one or more cylinders could be shut off completely.

Two strong LUKAS ZPH 1/1 hand pumps provided the cylinders with enough power to do the lifting.



Safety first

Renovation often calls for careful precision work to ensure the integrity of all elements that are to be retained. With LUKAS compact cylinders, you have small, light tools that can fit in any niche and flex their muscles there.

Thanks to this project, the children were able to return to classes in their old school building without risk after work on the damaged roof was completed. 

Jobs of this kind, where reliable tools from LUKAS can contribute to additional safety, are especially rewarding. 

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