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The Aker Ostseewerft shipyard in Warnemünde is one of the most modern shipyards in Europe, specialising in the construction of ships' bows. During construction of an ice-going freighter in 2005, four LUKAS cylinders bore a heavy responsibility.

LUKAS cylinders out in front

Because of the tight schedule, only the front part of the ship's hull was built in Warnemünde, with four powerful 140-ton LUKAS cylinders lifting several hundred tons of the steel behemoth. The challenge for the cylinders: for several weeks, extremely heavy loads had to be held absolutely steady and positioned with millimetre precision. The mechanical locking sleeves on the cylinders took care of this task, ensuring that the behemoth could be safely lifted and held by the cylinders.


Convincing work

Successful conclusion: After the front part of the ship's hull was completed, it was towed by sea to Finland where it was united with the rear part.

The LUKAS cylinders put on a convincing demonstration of reliability. Purchased especially for this job, they now continue to help with routine production at the shipyard. 


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