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Support from LUKAS high-tonnage cylinders

Canal bridge supports are subject to extreme loads and must be able to withstand them permanently.

In the event of alterations, tests or maintenance, absolutely reliable high-tonnage cylinders must support the multi-ton load in their place. LUKAS lock nut cylinders took over this task during construction of the canal bridge at the waterway intersection in Magdeburg (Germany).


Three years of hard work

The Elbe is one of Europe's most important waterways for inland transport. To connect the Midland Canal with the waterway network east of the Elbe, a canal bridge with a length of 918m was built. It is currently the longest canal bridge in the world. Construction to resume operation of the Magdeburg waterway intersection took a total of three years.
To install the bridge's expansion bearings, 12 LUKAS high-tonnage cylinders with a lifting force of 1100 tons each were used.


Still bearing up today

The LUKAS cylinders did excellent work for this mammoth project, making an important contribution to the longest single-lane canal bridge.
Today the LUKAS high-tonnage cylinders with lifting force of 1100 tons and mechanical lock nuts are still in use for testing and maintenance of the canal bridge.

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