Double-acting hollow piston cylinders

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Light alloy allrounder for lifting, pulling or tensioning

LUKAS light-alloy hollow-piston cylinders are used to lift loads, pull fixed elements from rods, push in
bearings or tension steel cables. They are particularly light (up to 40% lighter than comparable steel
cylinders), making them much easier to use in all positions.


  • Hydraulic retraction improves working speed and control
  • Faster piston return
  • Significantly reduced weight ensures easier handling
  • Piston rods with through bores for a wide range of applications
  • Especially light due to aluminium construction
  • Optional attachment holes in the cylinder base


  • Overpressure protection with safety coupler StNi 6-D
  • With quick-release coupler for connection to the safe quick-stop system
  • High lateral load tolerance
  • Scraper ring for reduced wear
  • Full-load stroke limit

Especially safe connections for especially safe work

Only LUKAS offers a complete system for an operating pressure of 500 bar. Why? Because we think about your safety! With the quick release, connections are faster and safer. And the quick stop, unique worldwide, protects you against unintended lowering of the load while the lower maximum pressure results in extended service life for all components.

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