Single-acting light-alloy cylinders

with spring return
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Light, high-strength partners for lifting.

At LUKAS, you get a unique and comprehensive range of high-performance light-alloy cylinders. They are corrosion-protected and easier to transport and handle.

Thanks to their low weight and uncompromising quality, LUKAS light-alloy cylinders are the right helpers
if you need to move loads on construction sites or in workshops reliably, precisely and safely.


  • Wide range of light and economical cylinders
  • Single-acting cylinders with strong return spring for fast retraction
  • Especially light due to aluminium construction
  • Signifi cantly increased safety in 500-bar system
  • Longer service life for all components (at 500 bar)

Guaranteed fit for your system

Whenever you need to lift or move the heaviest loads, the light-alloy cylinders demonstrate one of their greatest strengths: flexibility. With their wide range of configurations, the right cylinder is sure to be waiting for you - and if it isn't, we can custom manufacture one tailored to your needs.


  • In 500-bar series with quick-release coupler with integrated safe quick-stop system
  • In 700-bar series with internationally typical screw couplers
  • High lateral load tolerance
  • Scraper ring for reduced wear
  • Full-load stroke limit

Especially safe connections for especially safe work

Only LUKAS offers a complete system for an operating pressure of 500 bar. Why? Because we think about your safety! With the quick release, connections are faster and safer. And the quick stop, unique worldwide, protects you against unintended lowering of the load while the lower maximum pressure results in extended service life for all components.

In use:

  • Lifting, pushing, shifting and pressing
  • Loads up to 140 tonnes
  • up to 200 mm total stroke
  • Construction sites, workshops and numerous other locations


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