Stainless steel cylinders

with spring return
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Rugged specialists for special applications.

LUKAS stainless steel cylinders were developed especially for all uses in which particular toughness really counts, such as drilling rigs, the chemical industry, power stations or the food industry. Thanks to  their particularly high surface quality, they also have an unusually long service life.


  • Suitable for all work in aggressive environments
  • Suitable for offshore use
  • Suitable for environments with particular hygiene requirements
  • Particularly resistant to acid and saltwater
  • Easier to decontaminate than painted cylinders
  • Corrosion-resistant and long-lasting

Naturally, LUKAS stainless steel cylinders can also be used for lifting, pushing or pressing in any other environment, e.g. in repair shops, on building sites, for bridge construction and maintenance.


  • Rapid retraction thanks to a strong return spring
  • Standard with internationally typical screw couplers

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