Air-hydraulic pumps

for single-acting and double-acting cylinders
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Easy operation with normal workshop compressed air supply.

These powerful air-hydraulic pumps make work easier for anyone who frequently needs to  use cylinders in the workshop. Over longer periods, foot-operated pumps are more  ergonomic and labour-saving than hand pumps.


  • Two variants with different capacities
  • Suitable for driving both single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Easy operation by means of a pedal with the settings Extend - Stop - Retract
  • Reciprocating pressure intensifier (air/oil) generates oil pressure proportional to primary air pressure


  • Pressure limiting valve protects against overload
  • Extremely precise operation
  • Labour-saving and ergonomic
  • Maintenance-free and long service life
  • AHP 2-1E should not be used with the quick stop coupling box StMu 61-M.  Unless absolutely necessary, its recommended, to choke return flow with the lock valve.



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