Hand pumps

for single-acting and double-acting cylinders
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The rugged and user-friendly source of force.

LUKAS hand pumps are lightweight and easy to use, and suitable for use with most of the cylinders in our range.

These rugged two-stage pumps automatically switch between low and high pressure during the stroke , so that cylinders extend quickly when no load is applied and can operate effectively and precisely under load.


  • Automatic switching from high and low pressure
  • Variants for single-acting and double-acting cylinders
  • Drain valve for precision lowering of single-acting cylinders
  • Practical handle as standard
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically (with pump head downwards)
  • Suitable control valves can be retrofitted as needed
  • Large model ZPH 3 with particularly high capacity

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  • Extremely precise operation
  • Labour-saving and ergonomic
  • Compact design for easy transport
  • Always stable
  • Maintenance-free and long service life


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