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Service and spare parts request

Do you have a service- or spare part request concerning your LUKAS product?
Then take the shortest way without time-consuming telephone calls.

Just answer the following questions in turn via e-mail to

Regarding: "service- or spare part request ".

Along this path we are able to respond to your request as fast as possible.

1. Which product does your request refer to?

At first please provide us with type, order number and serial number.
You will find your serial number on the type plate of your LUKAS product.
Quick: Simply take a photo and attach to your e-mail. 

2. What do you need? What´s wrong?

So that we know where your shoes are pinching: Please give us a short description of the fault or take a photo right away.

3. When did you purchase this product?

Please tell us the acquisition date and if possible even the invoice number. So that we can apply the information to the correct file right away.

4. How can we contact you?

To be able to contact you as fast as possible, we need your name, address (invoice address) and delivery address. Please tell us also your extension number and your e-mail address.



Use our sample for service and spare parts requests:



If you want to contact us by phone, please have this information ready.

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